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About us

Parsley opened in March 2008 with organic vegetable juice, salad, soups from scratch, and sandwiches—including the Cherokee with roasted turkey and roasted green-chile. We began with only three tables and six chairs.

The restaurant’s name was picked from a recipe given to us by Kate R., her favorite juice recipe; parsley, carrots, celery, spinach, and kale. We call this recipe, Kate’s Kiss.

Kim K. would later craft a juice recipe like no other; creamy ginger, lemony, and very green –Kim’s Legacy.

Organic vegetables are the essence of food. We have a strong veggie attitude. Most of our produce is organic. Overall, we’re 60+ percent organic and working to improve this measurement.

Although local food in Colorado is growing; it’s far from sufficient for the vast majority of our diet. Colorado is a semi-arid environment with pine trees to reflect the color green for about five months out of each year.

The big-picture local movement began in the gardens of Eden found in California. We at Parsley consider California to be local and we support the Mexicans and other peoples of the Earth; we consider every person to be local.

We buy from more than 40 vendors; including king soopers and whole foods. We buy rishi brand tea—organic and fair-trade. We buy mild shiro-miso and roasted sesame seeds from pacific mercantile. We buy from kehe and we also buy from costco and sam’s club to save money—efficiency is always a factor in every business.

We buy from farmer’s markets too; we want the local farmer to succeed. It’s crazy to ship so much food and water all around the planet. In Spring and Summer we cut herbs from our roof-top garden—organic, fresh within minutes, and with zero trucking.

Although recycling and composting will never replace downsizing and simplicity; we recycle and compost with Alpine. There’s nothing green about most of the green talk. There’s nothing green about a second home in the Vail Valley made from recycled material. There’s nothing green about a golf-course; we destroy sacred space when we build golf courses along mountain valley rivers, along the seacoast, in the deserts, etc. Yoga creates sacred space.

We waste neither time nor money on promotional deals nor do we believe in pasting our logo on everything in sight. Most advertising is just promotional bullshit designed to separate the fool from his money.

All so-called “rewards” programs, every single one, are designed in order to hang the proverbial carrot right in the face of all consumers’ right up to the day that they die. There are no free rewards, its all fake. YOU, the consumer, pay for it.

YOU, the consumer, pay for all that promotional nonsense. Like ever increasing bank fees, YOU pay for it, every bit of it.

All money arrives via the front door. All business works this way; there is no printing press in back. Nothing is free and everything has a cost to it—the consumer pays for everything.

The City of Denver, in order to build their empire, would also like to separate human souls from their money. So would comcast, (fill-in large corporation here), etc. So-called “public” corporations in search of nothing but money are going to run their course and die off—sooner or later.

And when the City of Denver allows for cable companies to charge monopolistic fees and financially hinder the internet’s accessibility to a very large percentage of the general population—this is corporate welfare. Corporate welfare is always upside down and morally wrong.

We believe food service to be an honor... Thank you to our amazing customer base—independent, intelligent, caring souls.

And lastly, we believe in peace and good will towards all. Love is the answer...and we know that for sure.

Peace to all,
Jason B.