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About us

Parsley opened in March 2008 with organic vegetable juice, salad, soups from scratch, and sandwiches –including the Cherokee with roasted turkey and roasted green-chile. We began with only three tables and six chairs.

The restaurant’s name was picked from a recipe given to us by Kate R., her favorite juice recipe; parsley, carrots, celery, spinach, and kale. We call this recipe, Kate’s Kiss.

Kim K. would later craft a juice recipe that is now our best seller; creamy ginger, lemony, and very green – Kim’s Legacy.

Organic vegetables are the essence of food. We have a strong veggie attitude. Most of our produce is organic. Overall, we’re 60+ percent organic and working to improve this measurement.

We buy from more than 40 vendors; including king soopers and whole foods. We buy rishi brand tea –organic and fair-trade. We buy mild shiro-miso and roasted sesame seeds from pacific mercantile. We buy from kehe and we also buy from costco and sam’s club to save money – efficiency is always a factor in every business.

We buy from farmer’s markets too; we want the local farmer to succeed. It’s crazy to ship so much food and water all around the planet. In Spring, Summer, and Fall, we cut herbs from our roof-top garden – organic, fresh within minutes, and with zero trucking.

Although recycling and composting will never replace downsizing and simplicity; we recycle and compost with Alpine.

We believe food service to be an honor...Thank you to our amazing customer base – independent, intelligent, caring souls.

And lastly, we believe in peace and good will towards all. Love is the answer...and we know that for sure.

Peace to all,
Jason B.